Sunday, April 19, 2009

Peyton NAC!

I didn't think we would be so lucky to have a day like yesterday, but I was wrong - today was even better! Peyton got his third leg needed for his novice regular agility title - he is now Peyton Spots A Flyin', CGC NAC! That was his only Q today, but he was actually more focused than yesterday - not a single little zoomie and almost all of our bobbles were pretty much my doing.

Here's today's recap...

Novice Jumpers: I was behind from the start and Peyton took an off-course tunnel. In hindsight I probably should have started with him on my left and rear crossed jump 4. This is just one example of several this weekend where a lead out would have been so nice...hopefully we can start working on those soon!

Novice Regular Round 1: I really had a hard time trying to come up with a plan for the start of this course since there was 2 jumps followed by a dog-walk/tunnel discrimination. I settled for a rear cross in between 1 and 2 so that I could (hopefully) show appropriate motion to the tunnel. It was tricky, but it worked! I was of course way behind for the jump following the tunnel, but we worked it out and Peyton qualified on this run with a first place and came in 20 seconds under time!

Novice Regular Round 2: This was another great run - we got the dog-walk discrimination near the end, but he knocked a bar and then I (again) ended up too far behind and he took a tunnel instead of the last jump. This video ended up on a friend's camera so hopefully I can post it later.

Novice Tunnelers: A wild run! At this point my brain was toast! :) I was waaaay too far behind him to give good direction, but I think we both had fun - it was a wild end to a great weekend!

Indy also had a great day - she ended up qualifying in elite chances and elite tunnelers. We had a nice jumpers run going until I got lost (oops!) and would have qualified in weavers but she popped out at the 10th pole. This pole popping still has me stumped since she is usually such a consistent weaver, but I'm not going to worry about it too much. Indy is also back to her smug self since she had two Q's today and Peyton only had one. :) Here's a little video...

Whew, what a weekend! I still can't get over how great Peyton did, and am so happy that he did so well at this location since it provides a lot of future trialing opportunities. I'm also thrilled that he nailed all of his contacts today and I was actually happy to see him check in with me when I fell behind - it showed that he was really paying attention! Again - wow. But most important of all, I really think Peyton was having a blast...he practically dragged me into the ring for each run!

It was also great to see Indy running with enthusiasm again! I think this weekend was just what she contacts, just lots of running!

Well, the spotties and I are exhausted, but want to again thank all of our friends for your support and good we're *really* looking forward to our next trial! :)


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Wow, what a great weekend for Peyton and Indy! Big congrats to Peyton on earning his NAC title!! He really did look like he had a lot of fun, and Indy was running great, also. Good strategy on limiting contacts and just letting her run and have fun.

Tremendous weekend. Your PA spotted fans are very proud of all of you!