Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Indy's Night Out

Indy got to go out for a little stroll around St. Armand's Circle this weekend. She was pretty impressed - first, we did a little window shopping...

Then we stopped in Wet Noses where Indy got a yummy cookie and made some new friends. She thought that had to be one of the coolest places ever!

She humored me with some posing in between people stopping by to ooh and aah over her...she always gets a lot of attention when we go out (which she loves, of course!)

When we were done she stopped to roll in some nice grass - note: our grass does not look like this at home. :)

And finally, on our way home we stopped to admire the sunset - gorgeous!


Sherri said...


I've been following your blog for a few weeks now and have been enjoying it. I can't let today's photos go without comment: ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!! My favorite is the very last one.

Sherri and Wednesday
Johnstown, PA

Lisa said...

Fabulous pictures, Kim! The one of Indy rolling in the grass is my favorite. Looks like a lot of fun. Wish we could have joined you for girls night out. Nothing I like better than a little shopping and a cookie :)

BrittBeah said...

Lovely photos, as always. What a nice sun set.

Kim said...

Indy says thanks for all the nice comments...I think she wanted to do more than just window shop, but last time I checked she didn't have a job (other than looking pretty)...! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, These are just spectacular!
Breathtaking work!

Emilee said...

I love the fifth shot down! It is great! The blue wall is gorgeous. Indy is such a pretty girl! :)