Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rather Ambitious

That's how I'm feeling at the moment. Starting tomorrow, Peyton and I will be trialing three out of the next four weekends. After spending way too much time debating over whether or I was asking for too much too soon, I finally decided to stop worrying and just go for it. :)

Tomorrow we'll be heading up to Ocala for a night trial. It's a games trial - tunnelers, weavers, and touch n' go - so it should be fun and will hopefully not run too late. Since our last night trial attempt was less than stellar, I'm going to make it a priority to work on keeping Peyton calm and relaxed. This will also hopefully be a good opportunity for us to work on some start-line stays and holding contacts.

Next we'll have DACOF which is over the Fourth of July weekend. As I mentioned before, this will definitely be a's indoors, 3 rings running at once, and there will be 37 teams competing with 969 runs on Saturday and 646 on Sunday. Wow! It should be a fun event though and it's always fun to see lots of friends and familiar faces.

Then the following week we'll be heading to Perry, GA for a four day AKC trial. I'm still surprised that I decided to go considering how much I loathe long car trips! Seriously, I'm very impatient when it comes to driving and even though it's not *that* far, anything over 2 hours is far to me. :) On a good note, Peyton's BFF Riley will be going, as well as some of his other buds, so hopefully that will help his comfort level a little bit.

Training-wise, Peyton has been doing pretty well. And actually, when I'm where I need to be, he's awesome! He's just sticky enough that if I don't give him enough forward cues, I end up pulling him off the obstacle. And if I give him too much, I get really wide turns or an off-course. Hopefully one of these days I can find that nice balance of cues. :)

Poor Indy isn't going this weekend. I think it would have been a good trial for her, but after the last trial I decided that Peyton needs more than I can give him when I try to run Indy too. I feel really guilty, but I think she'll most likely enjoy a night away from the little spotted monster. However, that doesn't mean she won't give me sad faces...

Or her famous looks of disgust...either way, she sure knows how to work it!


Sherri said...

Your photos tickle my heart!!

Have a great time at your trials.
Go Peyton!!

Post lots of video.


Kim said...

Aww, thanks Sherri! :)