Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Young Dal Available

As much as I would love to foster a Dal in need, I just don't have the space right now to do so. Well that, and I'm pretty sure the spotties would start their own "rescue us" campaign if I did! :)

Since I can't foster, I'm hoping that I can still help by posting some rescue spotty dogs here on occasion so if you're looking for a Dalmatian, please consider adopting one from the Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay. Also, please note that I completely support responsible Dalmatian breeders - and there are many wonderful ones out there, but as we all (hopefully) know, there are also way too many "backyard" breeders and puppy mills so make sure you do your homework if you're looking for a Dalmatian puppy!

With that said, please meet Hunter, a one year old Dalmatian currently being fostered by DRTB. I've been told that this poor guy was turned into the shelter by his first family for escaping from their yard and was then returned a second time for "getting into stuff" when he was left in the kitchen.

Obviously Hunter will need a family that is experienced and know what to expect from a young Dalmatian. My spotty boys are snickering because they *know* how much fun the kitchen can be. And that's why I keep a gate up! As good as my guys are (most of the time), the kitchen is just way too tempting. :)

For more information on Hunter, and other Dalmatians in need, please visit And a big thanks for passing this along!

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