Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Fun at the Beach!

Here are a few more Indy pics from our beach trip last weekend!

Peyton and I leave for our big DACOF weekend tomorrow morning! I feel a little out of practice - because of the rain we haven't done much for the last two weeks. Thankfully we'll have a couple practice runs tomorrow so I'm hoping that will help burn a little of the energy out of my wild spotty. Fingers and paws crossed for a fun weekend! Hopefully we won't embarrass ourselves too much. :)

Have an awesome (and safe) 4th of July weekend! 


Elizabeth and Luna said...

I have enjoyed my visits here as your photos are so fun to look at!!!

Lisa said...

Great photos of Indy! She's a real beach babe!!

Lots of good mojo coming your way from the Pittsburgh Spotties for good runs this weekend. We can't wait to hear how thing go! I know Peyton will make us proud!!

Kim said...

Thanks for the nice comments and Lisa, major thanks for the must have worked - we had a great weekend!

Oz Girl said...

Your photography is just phenomenal. And made even better by the subject matter of spotty dogs. :-)

Love the very first shot. She's such a beautiful beach dog!

Kim said...

Thank you! Spotty dogs are just naturally photogenic, I think! :)