Friday, July 10, 2009

Peyton NA!

We're halfway through our 4 day Perry trial and so far it's going pretty well! Yesterday we started with Novice JWW and despite two knocked bars, Peyton was not nearly as wild as I expected he would be. His second run was Novice Standard and he qualified with 2nd place and got the third leg needed for his title - yay Peyton! The table continues to be our trouble spot (he had two refusals called), but the rest of his run was great.

Unfortunately, we had some cameraman challenges and only got the first part of his jumpers run on tape...

Today we (again) started with Novice JWW and Peyton was a *wild* spotty. He broke his start line stay and it just kind of went downhill from there. :) Actually it wasn't that bad, but I think I could have done a much better job of handling what could have been a pretty nice course.

Next up was Standard and we managed to get our first leg in open and 2nd place! We had just one refusal at the table; otherwise it was a really fun run. Maybe a little *too* much fun as we had another broken startline and a dogwalk that wasn't supposed to include a running contact. :) Really though that was my fault as I pushed him a little too much for a trial (I was thinking about the table, again).

So that's our update so far! We're having a good time - oh, and there's also a few other Dals running so it's been fun to see some other spotties in action! Tomorrow we start with Novice JWW again - ugh, I would much prefer to start with standard, but maybe tomorrow will be our day for jumpers. :)


Elizabeth said...

Wow! I am impressed, great job!

Lisa said...

Congrats, Kim and Peyton, on your first AKC title! I'm sure it will be the first of many. You two are looking awesome. We're so proud of our spotted friends from Florida!