Monday, July 6, 2009

DACOF High in Trial!

In addition to being a part of our awesome winning team, I'm also super excited to report that Peyton received HIT (high in trial) for the 24" novice group! He ended up finishing 2nd in round 1, 4th in round 2, 1st in round 3, 8th in round 4 and 1st in round 5. To say that I'm insanely proud of my spotty boy is an understatement

Here's a little recap with videos:

Round 1: standard - a great start to our weekend! One off-course at the weaves, but we made up for it with a great time, finishing second.

Round 2 jumpers: one knocked bar (my fault, I'm sure), but I think we finished with the fastest time out of all the novice dogs! 

Round 3 FAST: A really nice run to finish day one. I gave him a really bad approach to the teeter (and a-frame) but we worked it out and finished with 62 points for first place.

Round 4 standard: We got off to a rough start with an off-course to the tunnel - I pretty much sent him there since I got behind after he broke his stay. We also had two refusals called at the table. In my attempt to keep him from jumping off the table, I micromanaged the approach a little too much. I think it might have worked if I had kept moving. Otherwise, a pretty nice run.  

Round 5 JWW: The perfect way to end our DACOF weekend! The 5 (offset) jump ending had me more than a little worried, but he just smoked this run! Despite a few wide turns and my late front cross at the tunnel, this was a 19 second run! The only other novice dog under 20 seconds had 4 dropped bars. We finished in first place and over 16 seconds under SCT.

Yay Peyton! Needless to say, I'm on cloud 9...I never dreamed that he would have handled this kind of environment as well as he did. He was fast and focused and most important I'm pretty certain that he was having a BLAST - he was even barking during his runs! His contacts were awesome and he did a pretty good job with his start line stays too - AND I think I just might be starting to get an idea of how to handle him! :)

We had the best time this weekend - thanks again to my awesome team and all of our friends for sending their support and good wishes! Now we just have 2 days to recover before we head to Perry for the 4 day AKC trial - yikes! :)


BrittBeah said...

Yay Payton...but look at how great Payton's handler did! You two look great together. Congrats again.

Helen said...

It looks as if you and Peyton had a lot of fun out there, and it's a blast to watch your videos. Thanks for sharing them and congratulations to you both!

Paula said...

I saw quite a few of your runs, Kim, and you and Peyton were awesome! I mean, really super! I was very excited for you when I heard the HIT announced, but not surprised. :)

Big congrats!

Kim said...

Thanks so much! And Paula, Alex also looked great in the runs I caught! I wish I could have seen more of you two, but it's next to impossible to keep up with everyone's runs. :)

Oz Girl said...

Peyton is such a lean and gorgeous Dal... watching your videos brought back so many good memories of my dal. I heard Peyton barking several times during his runs, and you can just tell he's having a blast!

You guys did phenomenal and look really, really good together. Good luck at Perry!!

Pammy said...

Your dog has some serious speed. You work wonderfully together.

Lisa said...

Woo-hoo, Kim and Peyton!! What an awesome, awesome weekend. We are so very proud of you two. Your runs looked great, and Peyton certainly had fun. We hope you have an equally successful weekend up in Perry. Keep us posted!