Friday, September 25, 2009


Well I'm finally (almost) done going through the thousand or so pictures from my Indy trip and I thought I would share one of a special non-spotty! This is T-Go - my horse during my college days at Purdue. Unfortunately when I decided to move to Florida, I wasn't in a position where I could bring him with me so he now lives on the farm in Indiana where I used to train. He's got a great home and I have no regrets about having to leave him behind - at least I still get to visit him!

After spending nearly 20 years in the horse world, I still find it a little surprising that I don't really miss it that much. It was definitely hard at first, but after I brought home a certain little spotted puppy, I found dog training to be just as much fun and equally challenging - although in a different way. It's definitely *safer*...I can't recall how many times I was thrown, kicked, and ran over by a horse! :)

Anyway, I do miss T-Go...he was a really neat horse and a lot of fun to ride. He's a Thoroughbred and probably around 13 years old now. Here's a picture of his current owner (and one of my former trainers) riding him. You can see a few more pictures of T-Go and some of his horsey friends over at my photography blog -


Oz Girl said...

I guess I already commented on how awesome your photos of T-Go are, but let me reiterate... awesome pics!

I told the husband tonight, that probably by next spring, I want to get another dal. I think he's in shock. He just keeps looking at me and saying, very loudly, "beeb!" (that's what we call each other)

I so miss my dal! I love my aussie girls, but I need another dal. :) It's all your fault. Which means it's Neil's fault (Life with Dogs) because that's how I found out about you. LOL

Kim said...

*Squeal* That would be so awesome!! You can totally blame me - I'm happy to be a spotty dog enabler! :)