Monday, September 28, 2009

Team Shirts!

Peyton & I are playing at a local USDAA trial this weekend and we're pairing up with our friends Lisa and Riley for the Performance Pairs Tourney. Our team name is "Three Blondes & The Odd Spot" - since Peyton is the only non-blonde, we thought it was a good fit. Poor Peyton...hope he doesn't take the name too personally. :)

It should be a really fun trial and since we're also entered in a pairs relay with Lisa and Riley, it could be quite entertaining. I'm not sure how Peyton will handle having his very best Golden bud in the ring! Fortunately Riley is a really well behaved dog and is very capable of ignoring the annoying spotty dog when he needs to. :)

We decided this trial was a perfect excuse to have t-shirts made. Lisa happens to be a designer and I love-love what she came up with. So cute!

I loved Peyton's design so much I decided to design a "team spotty dog" shirt for me...

I know it's a little early, but any good "please don't chase your golden friend during our run" thoughts you can spare this weekend will be most appreciated. :)


Oz Girl said...

Your friend has got some serious creative juices ... I love those t-shirts! Too cool. :)

Good luck to all of you, here's hoping Peyton can rein in his excitement and remember what you've taught him!

(This past weekend I told hubby I want a dal by next spring, and he about fell off his chair! I think he's still in shock today.)

Owner of Storm and Jackal said...

Those thoughts are coming your way right this moment!! Good luck!

Lisa said...

Absolutely LOVE the shirts, Kim! We had a blast when we did Versatility Pairs, and I'm sure you and Peyton and Lisa and Riley will have a great time. We'll be sending our best pairs mojo down to ya! Can't wait to hear about the weekend. With those shirts, you're sure to succeed!!

Kim said...

Thanks guys! We appreciate the good thoughts!! :)

Tori Self said...

Awesome t-shirt! Good luck this weekend and have fun! :)