Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Indy's Turn!

Indy says it's (finally) her turn to brag! But first, some pretty pictures I took in some lovely Thanksgiving light...

Now for the bragging...on Friday we took Indy (and that other spotty boy) to a local NADAC trial. Indy hasn't trialed in quite some time, but she did great! Bill ran her in a few classes and even though they haven't had much practice time together, she qualified with 1st place in weavers and had just one little off-course in jumpers. I also ran her in Elite Chances and she had a lovely qualifying run. Good girl!

I decided to try her in skilled which allows her to jump at 16". While Indy is a nice jumper and has no problems clearing 20" (I can probably count on one hand the number of bars she has knocked), I'm hoping that the move to a lower jump height will help bring out some speed. I really think that sometimes Indy is a little too careful of a jumper and would rather look pretty than risk knocking a's all about the looks, you know!

Here's her Chances run - for more videos, you can check out my YouTube channel at

As for Peyton, we had an okay weekend. I ran him in 3 classes at the NADAC trial, and while there weren't any major issues, we just weren't really connecting. I'll admit that I'm still not a big fan of the courses for Peyton so until my attitude changes, no more NADAC for him. On Sunday we headed up to North Tampa for an AKC trial and had a much better day. Even though we didn't Q, for the most part Peyton was running very well and if I would just stop watching him and start handling him, we might have a chance. This was another new location for us and he seemed really happy there - there were lots of nice shady spots for us to hang out and relax. Hopefully if my entry made it in time, we'll be heading back up there in a few weeks!


Lisa said...

BEAUTIFUL Chances run, Kim and Indy! When I get home from work today, I'm going to check out the other videos. Great pictures of Indy, too, but that doesn't surprise me. She is a beauty!

achieve1dream said...

I enjoyed watching Indy run. Thanks for sharing.

I also love the comment about you need to stop watching him and start handling him. :) It's hard to sometimes cause our dogs are so beautiful and graceful. I do that sometimes when I'm supposed to be taking pictures. I get so intent watching my dog I forget to snap the picture. :)