Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not So Graceful

Our SOTC agility trial is this weekend, and once again the weather has been less than stellar - cold, windy, and rainy today. At least the arena didn't flood like our last trial!

We started with Open Fast - the send bonus was tricky, but definitely doable. Unfortunately Peyton didn't stop on his A-Frame contact so I didn't get any forward momentum and for some unknown reason I kept trying to send him out to the first jump using no motion. I don't train for distance, and I also don't train any "go-out" verbals, so don't ask me why I would ask him to do it in a trial. Silly handler! After three attempts the buzzer when off and as we headed for the exit I lost my footing and fell right into the dirt. Ouch! Peyton was very cute though and immediately came over to me with the funniest expression on his face. "Um whatcha' doin' on the ground mom?" I've always joked that if I fell, Peyton would probably keep on going so it was nice that he came and checked on me. :)

I'm fine, just a little sore (and I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow) - and yes, my friend got it on video and was even kind enough to zoom in.

Next was Open JWW and we had one of the nicest smoothest runs we've had in a long time, but unfortunately had one bar down. Darn! Despite the bar, I was thrilled with this run.

Finally we had Excellent Standard and I lost Peyton at the start to a straight line of jumps. Then I kept forgetting to tell him what to do, so this run was a little comical. He did keep coming back to me, which is a good thing, but I really need to give better directions. He did get very frustrated on the table and bailed early - just didn't want to keep his elbows down...I kept saying "down" and he was like "I am down!" - at least the ending was nice.

So I'm thinking maybe if I start falling at the start line, maybe Peyton won't get so far ahead? :)


Jenn said...

I can see it now.... a whole new training style. Falling Start! :-) well at least nothing is broken! I have seen two friends fall either at a trial or a match and have serious ankle breaks requiring pins and plates.... I am glad you are ok! And good boy Peyton to check on Mom. I do believe Steeler had a similar puzzled expression the last time I landed in the dirt! :-)

Jenn said...

oh - meant to tell you - we've got snow up here!

Kim said...

Oh Jenn, I didn't want to hear that! An ankle break would be no fun...and totally something that my ungraceful self would do! :)

Um, snow? Buuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr!

The Thundering Herd said...

And what are friends for except to capture such great moments on video?

Kim said...

Very true! :)

Lisa said...

Glad you're okay after your fall, Kim. Really, your little trip into the dirt was not as un-graceful as you described, and Peyton's reaction was so cute!

Very nice Jumpers run, indeed. Very smooth. As far as the Standard run, Peyton has been doing so well on the table lately that you can forgive a little slip-up on this one. And no matter how many times I watch Peyton in the weave poles, I always find myself going, "Awesome weaves"!! Come to think of it, "Awesome dog"!!!

Kim said...

Thanks Lisa! I guess I've seen too many falls where the handler is back up so quick that had you blinked, you would have missed it. :)

And I'm very thankful for Peyton's least I can usually count on one good thing per run!