Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Peyton OAJ!

Excellent JWW here we come! Today was day 1 of a 5 day local trial and my goal for this week was to get out of open jumpers - check! It wasn't the prettiest run and we had one refusal, but still managed a Q and 1st place. Poor Peyton though...I don't know if you can hear the yelp on video, but I stepped on him in the middle of our run. I really need to stop doing that. :)

Our standard run was decent. It was a pretty tight course and I expected that he was going to take the off-course jump after 2, but we tried. His table was really good today and I even managed a nice little lead-out! I think Peyton was a tad bit stressed during this run, but he seems to be handling the stress a little better these days. He really does try to be a good spotty boy.

It's a little chilly in Florida at the moment - tomorrow is supposed to be nice, but then it's going to get COLD. I know my northern friends are rolling their eyes right now, but hey - you guys have a lot more indoor agility options than we do!


Jenn said...

NICE jumpers run! YAY!!!! Just out of curiousity ... on the standard run is there a reason you didn't start with Peyton on your left?

He has such awesome weave poles! And his contacts are looking great too! I am guessing he likes sitting on the table instead of down like another spotty dog I know? LOL

Try to stay warm when that cold front moves in. It was 11 degrees here yesterday ... and that doesn't include the wind chill!

Kim said...

Very good question! I actually was going back and forth on the right side/left side option up until I went to the line (not such a good plan, btw). I've had better luck with Peyton reading a rear with a start like that, but wasn't exactly where I planned to be, showed too much forward motion, and was late with my verbals.

The right option was tricky because of where the panel was - I would have had to layer it (which I don't like doing) and I'm still not sure he would have read the turn. He's such a rocket off the start and I end up behind and he doesn't see me turning. And I don't have the focus I need yet from the start.

I'm thinking we might try a Kim-don't-move start sometime this week and see how many jumps he takes before he realizes I'm not there. :)

But thanks, I am really happy with him! And you try and stay warm too!

Jenn said...

Yeah I couldn't quite tell what the angles were really like at the start. He seems to be a spatially sensitive guy. I think Steeler can be as well and that I tend to crowd him too much sometimes. hmmmm ya think maybe I have some control issues to work on? hahaha

I will be curious to hear what he things of the Kim-don't-move start!

Steeler would like us very much to find me a job that would allow us to "winter" in FL! He is not so happy about the cold.

Belly rubs to your crew and especially Mr Pongo!

Kim said...

Control issues? No way, I don't believe that for a second! :)

Send Steeler on down! I'm sure he and Peyton could find a *lot* of trouble to get into together...


Jenn said...

I'm not sure I could survive the trouble the boys would find! Maybe Indy could keep them in line? LOL - I have to put the computer away! G'night!

achieve1dream said...

Nicely don spotty boy. Fabulous first run! And he did do fantastic on his table. I was impressed.