Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Almost Brilliant Day

Yesterday was not such a good trial day for us...nothing disastrous, but some blonde moments on my part and some spotty moments on Peyton's part, added to some ho-hum courses, and it just wasn't our day. But today was soooo much better and I'm pleased to report that while we didn't qualify, we had two of our best trial runs yet!

We started with Excellent Standard and while a lot of dogs were having a lot of trouble with this course, Peyton rocked it up until the very end when I pulled him right past the a-frame. Gah! What a bummer...I think it was a combination of me getting a little flat footed after the weaves + a front cross that was a tad bit late + a spotty dog that was really focused on me. Despite the NQ, Peyton was awesome! Even with the refusal, he was still 22+ seconds under standard course time and would have easily placed among the top of his height group.

I knew that the early off-course tunnel in Excellent JWW was going to be an issue, and sure enough it called Peyton's name, but the rest of this run was so nice! Love to see him running with such good speed, focus, and confidence.

Tomorrow is our last day! 5 days of trialing is a bit much for me (especially when it is COLD), but it's nice since it's close to home and we get to spend the day with good friends. :)


Jenn said...

Kim - those were awesome runs! 22 seconds under time - holy cow!

Kim said...

Thanks Jenn! He was such a good boy this week. As for his handler... *sigh*

Jenn said...

yeah - there are lots of days Steeler wishes for a better handler. :-) I should post some snow pictures ... maybe you won't feel as cold!

achieve1dream said...

That's too bad about the A-Frame that was such a great run!! They both were very nice. Looks like a little experience is all you needed. :)