Friday, March 12, 2010


It was another less than beautiful day for trialing in (once) sunny Florida! It's supposed to clear up, but today was rainy and a little on the chilly side. I think we're about due for some sunshine!

Today was an okay day for us...our runs were a little wild and less than pretty, but I think I made some progress on the handling front. Had a few "duh" moments too, but that's fairly common!

First up was JWW and this was not a Peyton friendly course at all...lots of off-course opportunities all over the place. I decided to try a rear cross at the start which didn't work (surprise). I think I've decided that next time we see this type of opening I'm just going to try *not* moving at all and see how far Peyton gets before he realizes I'm not there. :) Of course the best option would be to have a start-line stay, but at this point I'm still just trying to get him (somewhat) calm going in the ring. Easier said than done.

On a good note, I was for the most part *very patient* during this run and was able to keep him moving in the right direction except for the one time when I wasn't so patient. Near the end we had a little bobble when the tunnel called his name on his way to a nice weave entry. And apparently I missed a very hilarious look on Peyton's face when this happened. :)

Our standard run got off to a rocky start, but had a nice ending. I didn't think about how fast Peyton blasts out of the chute and should have gotten his head, but instead we had an off-course. Then we had a lovely entry to the weaves which I think I pulled him out of marking it, followed by another (yee-haw) three off-course jumps. But I was really happy with everything after the table as that was a tricky section for dogs that often hear tunnel fairies call their name.

We have an early start tomorrow as big dogs run first. Let's hope I can manage to be somewhat awake!


Jenn said...

and he had great contacts! :-)

Good luck tomorrow!

Kim said...

Ah, yes he did...thanks! :)