Saturday, March 13, 2010


We started with Standard and Peyton decided after having really nice contacts yesterday that we needed a running dogwalk today! I should have probably just said "go weave" at that point, but I was fussing at him for not stopping and I pulled him off the weaves. The rest of the run was pretty nice except for a few blonde moments. I didn't notice until I watched the video, but Peyton got called on the teeter. That's a first...not sure if it was for the up or down contact (not that it really mattered, but still).

As for jumpers...ahhhh we were SO CLOSE until the very end with ONE jump left and I found myself out of place and rushed and I sent him off-course. This was a really tough course, but I just could have kicked myself. Especially since we had just worked on this kind of rear cross/wrap this week! So much for all that *patience* I had yesterday. :)

One more day! At this point I'm really not chasing "Q's", but it would be nice if we could make it through a course without such silly little mistakes. Spotty toes crossed!

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Lisa said...

Oh, I could hear the groans at the end of the Jumpers course :( What a beautiful run on a very tough course.