Saturday, March 27, 2010

SOTC Trial - OF!

Today started off on a good note with a nice Open FAST run with a 1st place Q for Peyton's OF title! I didn't plan on doing the a-frame twice, but hey it's FAST.

Excellent Standard came MANY hours later and we had a few little mistakes, but some nice moments and I was super happy with his contacts. I'm a little concerned about his weaves though...he's been running past them lately in trials which is very unusual for him. I can't think of anything specific that has happened to cause avoidance, so I'm wondering if he might be hurting a little somewhere. It's possible that he's just not *thinking*, but something seems a bit off. I have him checked out adjusted by my vet/chiro regularly, but I'll probably try to get him looked at this week, just in case.

It was a long day and we finished up with Excellent JWW around 6:30 pm. This was just an ugly, ugly course. I had a better plan in mind for the opening, but unfortunately, was a bit of a weenie in the execution. The second half was pretty good and he had no problems with the weaves, although I was managing them a bit more than usual.

Tomorrow is another early morning...too bad trials can't start at 5 *PM*...that would be much more up our alley! :)


Jenn said...

was he running past the weaves last weekend when he was slipping so much? Maybe he is just a bit sore. I know with Logan when she starts missing things it meant she was hurting. :-( Hopefully it is something easily fixed by a chiro adjustment!

Is Peyton like Steeler in that he has trouble keeping his elbows on the table when it's a down?

Good luck tomorrow!

Kim said...

Not every run last weekend, but at least a couple. I noticed it at the trial before's hard to tell with him because it could be that he's just higher than a kite mentally, or I might have hurt his feelings at some point with the weaves (I have to be very careful with corrections) and he's being sensitive. But yes, any time I see a dog start to (suddenly) start doing funky things with the weaves, a red flag goes up.

And YES...I'm pretty sure Peyton is completely oblivious to his elbows on the table. I keep repeating down and he's like ARE YOU BLIND? I AM DOWN!! LOL :)