Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spotty Randomness

Wow, can you believe it's March already?! These past few months have been so busy that I haven't had much time for updates, but I thought I'd share some random spotty happenings.

On Monday night I decided to drop in one of our classes out at the club. Usually I run Peyton in one of advanced classes on Tuesday or Thursday after I teach, but since this session I'm teaching 2 classes each night, it makes for a really long evening if I stay. Not to mention that Peyton requires a little more energy than I usually have at that time!

The Monday class started off okay, but then we got stuck on a little sequence that really shouldn't have been that hard, but for whatever reason, we just couldn't make it work. Because no post is complete without a picture, I've included a little course map below. (Not really to scale, but should give you a good idea).

Basically what I wanted to do was send to 2 and then recall over 3 to the weaves. Peyton, however, was convinced that we were doing the jump after the tire and the only way he was reading the turn was if I ran right up to 2, decelerated, and then moved to 3. But that option put me behind and I was determined to make the other option work. Not such a brilliant idea, but that's obviously a weak spot for us so I wanted to work on it.

On attempt #??, I ran a little deeper to 2 and thought for sure I was going to make it well past 3, but Peyton cut me off thinking we were going to the a-frame and I tripped over him and crashed so hard I think my head rattled. Not graceful. At all. Ouch. :)

Ok, so maybe this was a good reminder that repeating something over and over and over isn't a good option for us. Lesson learned. Poor Peyton was trying so hard though...he really is good for putting up with me.

On other spotty notes, Indy is feeling much better and is back to her bratty self after a period of being "off" (and extra cranky, I might add). I thought initially that she was sore in her lower back area, but after a few adjustments, she still wasn't right. Turns out she had a bladder infection! She really didn't have any of the usual symptoms so I was surprised. I'll need to keep an eye on her and maybe even have x-rays done to check for stones, but for now she seems to be feeling great.

Pongo is doing about the same. He is still getting around okay, but every day seems to be a little more of a struggle. :(

I just ordered "Get on the Ball 2" and a peanut therapy ball - I've been wanting to do some more conditioning work and thought like this would be a good option. Any of my friends do ball work with their pups? I'm thinking it will be entertaining, at least!

And finally, I thought I would do one last push for Johann's shelter (as part of her Holiday Giveaway). If you would like to make a little donation, you can click on the widget below or go here: Thanks!


Lisa said...

We have the first version of "Get on the Ball" and also "Pilates for Pooches." I've worked some with Jazz on the exercise ball, but I haven't had a chance to get really into it. We have the peanut-shaped ball, too. Seems like it will be a lot of fun, as well as good conditioning.

Glad to hear that Indy is feeling better. A bladder infection would certainly make her understandbly grumpy :(

Loved your agility diagram. Were the "Crash" and "Splat" designations in the course design software? If not, they should be!! There are times when I'm convinced that I have two left feet while my dog gracefully floats around the course. Glad it's not just me :)

Kim said...

Ha! No official "crash" or "spat", but I agree that they should be! I'm sure I could add many more... :)

I'm looking forward to playing with the ball...hopefully Peyton likes it. I'm pretty sure Indy will be not be a happy camper. She's not much for change and I'm sure a great big ball in the house will freak her out for awhile.