Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another Birthday!

Another spotty birthday today - Indy is SIX! I can't believe it...where does the time go?

I came across these pictures my mom took the day we brought Indy home. Pongo was less than impressed, but he was a good sport, as usual.

Help mom...there's a little spotted rat on my tail!

La-la-la...I don't see you.

Hmmph. She's okay, I guess.

Happy birthday Indy!


jan said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Indy!!!
It doesn't seem like 6 years since she joined the family. And, where did she get her attitude? She sure is pretty though!

Elizabeth said...

What great pictures- Happy Birthday!!

Elizabeth & Luna

Caseybumpinalong said...

Just found your blog - what beautiful pictures!! Especially love the dogs on the beach. Great blog!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Indy! You're six years young and going strong. Be sure to keep Peyton in line!! Trust us, it's up to the girls to keep order in the house :)

Tess and Jazz

achieve1dream said...

Happy Birthday Indy!!!!!!!! And thanks for sharing the puppy pictures. Adorable!

Bill said...

Happy BD to one very special puppy!
They broke the mold on you for sure!!! Glad you enjoyed the Ice Cream.

Oz Girl said...

A belated happy b-day to Indy! She is one cute lil gal. :) And I agree wholeheartedly, the time does go by way too fast.