Monday, August 30, 2010

Breakfast at HOS

Since one of the most common questions I get about The Honest Kitchen's dehydrated foods is what does it *look* like, I thought I'd share some pictures!

Well, I think every formula looks a little bit different, but in it's dehydrated form it looks basically like this...

This is THK's latest formula Zeal, which will be available in late September, but we received a trial bag to test. It's a grain free fish diet and the spotties *love* it. Doesn't have a strong fishy odor at all, and look at those big chuncks of fish!

Here's what it looks like while hydrating...I usually let it sit for 5-10 minutes. This is a tad bit on the "soupy" side, but Indy didn't seem to mind.

And here's Keen, which is a little thicker than the Zeal and some of the other formulas - likely because it's made with organic oats. This was Peyton's breakfast since Indy can't have grains.

A little leftover turkey on top and ta-da! Breakfast is served. Note, you don't need to add anything to any of the formulas except for Preference, but I like to add a little extra meat or other various yummies that I might happen to have on hand.

There you have it...breakfast at the House of Spots!

If you're as nerdy about feeding your dogs as I am, you should check out one of my new favorite blogs, Countersurfer. MP is awesome and her human is hilarious. I think she must enjoy the kitchen waaaaay more than I do, but then again, I don't have any horse-riding broccoli in my fridge. :)

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