Friday, September 3, 2010

The Great Shoe Debate

It seems that a few of you need photographic proof before you can pick a side in the Kim vs. Peyton taste-in-footwear debate. And since I'm a good sport, I've decided to share pictures...even though I know Peyton has the "I'm cute and make awesome faces" advantage. :)

As a reminder, the "ugly" shoes were the ones featured in the video, which can be found here. The "bad" were the first pair of shoes I bought a few months ago and the "good" were the pair I bought at the same time as the "ugly".

In fairness, the "good" shoes were introduced immediately following the "ugly" shoes so it's possible that Peyton was either a) still in shock from the "ugly" shoes or b) thinking *any* shoe would be an improvement.

Here they are:

In my defense, I have to mention that this is not the most flattering angle for footwear photography - especially when you don't wear a size 6.

Soooooo...what do you think? Be honest; I can take it. :)

Kim's New Shoes:

Thankfully, other than a few dirty looks, Peyton seems to have accepted that the "ugly" shoes are here to stay. He's not exactly thrilled, but doesn't scream at them either.

Although...if you look closely at the image below you will see his mark(s) of disapproval. :)


Lisa said...

OK, here's where I weigh in on the shoe situation: I think "The Good" are UGLY! "The Bad" and "The Ugly" are just fine by me. Obviously, Peyton and I have a totally different fashion sense ;) Maybe we should get a female canine's, since it is ladies footwear. What does Indy think of all this?

Kim said...

Ha! I really don't love either the "good" or the "ugly" but hey - they were comfy and on sale! :)

Indy cannot be bothered by such silly items as shoes. Maybe if they were pink with glitter. :)

Sherri said...

Kim, Maybe Peyton is objecting to the fact that you live in FLORIDA and are wearing SOCKS with SANDAL-TREKKERS!!! I vote for the UGLY....that's what I wear (only WITHOUT socks!) Maybe all this time we were accusing Peyton of being the "fashion police" when he is really the NERD POLICE!! ;)

Kim said...

Oh are *so* lucky you live several states away. I might just have to send vampire girl after you!! :)

And for the record, I didn't feel like taking my socks off just for a picture. So THERE. Maybe next time I'll wear black knee high socks with shorts...just for your entertainment. :)

Proud to be a NERD.

Elizabeth said...

I'm a bit lost on this shoe thing, but I still voted anyways! :)

Elizabeth & Luna

Kim said...

Hey Elizabeth! Did you see the video with Peyton and my new shoes? A few friends wanted to see the shoes in question so they could decide if Peyton had good reason for his shoe freak-out. :)

Sherri said...

Don't just send vamp-girl, I wish you would ALL come!! We LOVE nerds here!!!

Check on FB for the reunion of Sydney's family. We had a blast.

Kim said...

Sherri, I keep saying you guys need to let me know when would be a good time to come up. Is there a state wide spotty dog nerd-fest at some point during the year? :)

Will go look for puppy pics!

Sherri said...

We should check with Lisa, too. I was not sure if you were really ever serious about coming north.

Kim said...

Heck yeah I'm serious! :) I would love to come meet all of the spotties (and the humans too, of course) and do some fun pictures.

That is, if you guys would want me without my spotties? :) I don't think we could survive that long of a car trip without one (or all of us) needing therapy afterwards...

Jenn said...

Kim - if you are going to head north for a visit maybe I can head south and meet you guys in PA!!! I would love to catch up with friends down there .... and a spotty nerdfest photo shoot would be great fun! :-)

Oh - the shoes don't seem that bad to me ... maybe Peyton thought they smelled funny?

Kim said...

That would be *awesome*!

Peyton is just a nut. :)