Friday, November 26, 2010

Beach Bums

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We sure was so nice to spend the day with family, relaxing and enjoying a little trip to the beach with Indy and Derby.

Indy had a great time, as usual, and I think Derby had fun too - although he thought the water was COLD. I tried to take some video with my phone, but it was too bright to see the screen so I gave up after a few tries...

He did manage to get in the water up to his belly, but started shivering so we decided to go play in the sand instead. :)

Since Peyton HATES the beach, he stayed home, but did get to go to an agility trial up in Tampa today, which he thought was much more fun. We had two really nice runs with just a few handler errors. In JWW I sent him off-course, and in Standard, I almost pulled him off a tunnel and then attempted two awkward (unplanned) rear crosses and we missed the a-frame. I couldn't figure out why he would pull off a tunnel (seriously, how often does that happen??) until I watched the video and realized I said his name. Oops. Good spotty!

He was flyin' much fun! We're taking the day off tomorrow (well he is; I have to work) but will be heading back up early on Sunday...providing I can manage to wake up on time. I will say my little spotted alarm clock (aka Derby) is almost turning me into a morning person. Almost. :)


Lisa said...

LOVED Indy at the beach! She's so silly in the water. Derby was pretty cute, too.

Nice contacts on Peyton's standard run, and I can't help but go "Wow" every time I watch him weave. Awesome agility Dal!!

Sherri said...

How nice to be wearing flip flops on THANKSGIVING!! The girls want to know if Indy can come play in the snow!!

Kim said...

Thanks Lisa!

And Sherri, I bet Indy would *love* to play in the snow! Send me your address and I'll have her delivered. :)