Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Puppy Love

First, a little trial update from Sunday - our runs weren't as nice as Friday, but overall, they weren't too bad. Although I think I need to remember *not* to enter days when big dogs run first if the trial site is over an hour away. Our jumper's run was a little wild, but that was partially my fault since I got there late (surprise) and didn't allow for enough time for a proper warm up. At least I managed to get there in time to walk the first half of the course! Poor Peyton...I don't think either of us are big fans of getting up early in the morning. :)

Our standard run was much better and we only had one off-course before the table. I was too busy reminding myself to train contacts and wasn't thinking about where we were going. As for the contacts, Peyton decided that we were going to have a running dogwalk and a-frame. Oops! Yes, someone needs to spend some actual training time to remind Peyton that he's *supposed* to stop. I was happy that I managed to do two front crosses in the opening though!

Little Derby pup tagged along both days and met a bunch of new friends. He's really a great traveler, although I'm sure he thinks agility trials are pretty boring at the moment. :)

And speaking of Derby, I think Peyton is now officially a member of his fan club - they have been getting along so well together! I swear, Peyton never fails to surprise me...I never dreamed that he would be so *good* with a puppy. I love-love-love this little video of them playing yesterday...

I still can't get over how he's lets Derby jump all over him...and I've never seen him play on his back like that! What a super good spotty boy! More Derby pupdates coming soon. :)


Lisa said...

Thanks for the videos! Peyton had a nice standard run. It's amazing how little handling he really requires to get through a course. What a good boy!

Can't get enough of the Peyton/Derby video!! They are just too cute playing together. The funny thing is that we STILL have wrestling matches that look like that! Keep those pupdates coming!

Jenn said...

oh my gosh! What a good boy Peyton is being with Derby!!!!!! LOVE that video! :-) I only hope that Steeler does as well if I ever add a puppy.

The Thundering Herd said...

Love the video. Peyton is being very, very good and patient.

Kim said...

Thanks guys! I am SO SO SO proud of him...and still in a little bit of shock, I think. :)