Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The spotty boys and I headed over to Vero Beach this past weekend for a three day trial. This was their first time staying in a hotel together, and it turned out to be rather...entertaining.

I don't know if I've mentioned it much here, but Derby is a very busy pup. *Very* busy. He is pretty much the spotty equivalent of the energizer bunny. He just keeps going and going and going! At home I manage it with lots of crate breaks, but I didn't think the other guests would really appreciate me attempting to train a quiet crate behavior at the hotel (he is very good at home).

Derby learned during his first trip that hotels are fun. He learned on this trip that hotel stays with Peyton are double the fun! Peyton was a very good puppysitter and did his best to try and keep Derby entertained, but even after 3+ hours of playing (and walks) every night, he *still* wanted to keep going, and I pretty much had to hold him until he would finally fall asleep. On a good note, once he's out, he's out for the night.

Night one: hotels are fun!

OMD. Does he *ever* give up?

Night two: Maybe he won't notice I'm here...

Night three: *Finally!*

On the trial front, it was another big fat NQ weekend for us, but we did have some nice runs. There was only one jumpers run that was a bit of a train wreck; the others we just missed qualifying by one or two little things. With the exception of one very naughty running dogwalk, contacts were pretty good. Peyton was happy. I was happy. Derby was happy. Happy is good. :)


Jenn said...

LOL - I remember those busy puppy days. Energizer bunny is what I called Steeler as well. Once we got to about 20 months he really started to settle nicely.

Happy is good! :-) Love the pics!

Kim said...

Oh gee, only 15 months to go! :)

Peyton was a pretty mellow pup...of course it only took him about 3 years to find his brain.

Jenn said...

LOL - well maybe Derby will get there sooner than Steeler did. You probably get to spend more time with him than I did with Steeler during the day. :-)

achieve1dream said...

Awww those are such cute pictures. I'm glad they like each other. :) What hotel do you use that takes dogs? And in that last picture which is which? I think Peyton is the one with his eyes open and Derby is the one flat out asleep but it's hard to tell. He's growing up so much!

Kim said...

Thanks! I usually stay at LaQuinta's. They tend to be very pet friendly and most of them are pretty nice too.

In that last picture Peyton was asleep and Derby was thinking about it. :)

achieve1dream said...

Dang I got it backwards hehe. He's getting so big it's hard to tell them apart. :)