Sunday, October 9, 2011

Team Three Blondes

Hmm, based on my blog posts, it would appear that I'm running a week behind on life these days. Sounds about right. :)

Peyton and I had our annual USDAA team event last weekend with our Golden friends. After last year's less than stellar performance, I had zero intentions of playing again this year, but Lisa convinced me that it would be a shame to let such cool team t-shirts go to waste. (They are fun shirts!)

Even though our weekend wasn't all that impressive on paper, we had some really great runs and finished the weekend with a team Q.

On a slightly entertaining note, we did manage to get called on 7 up-contacts in 7 runs. That's impressive, I think. :) Silly USDAA.

It's funny, but I think I was most proud of our snooker run, which was at the end of a *very* long day on Saturday. I was tired, Peyton was tired, and the sun was blinding, yet we managed to make it almost all the through the course even after he knocked a bar in the opening. Considering Peyton usually takes any obstacle in his path (and often those that are not), I was really happy that he stuck with me. Unfortunately we were whistled off in the closing when he missed the teeter up-contact, but otherwise it was a fun run. Snooker, fun? Huh. Did I just say that? :) On another positive note, in seven runs, we only had one (little) off-course jump - that's got to be a record! Love my spotty boy.

Our trial season is off to a great start!


Lisa said...

Great runs, Kim and Peyton! Nice to see you guys out on the course again. Glad those t-shirts didn't go to waste this year. Very nice team Q!!

Kim said...

Thanks, Lisa! We're having a great time... :)

Jenn said...

LOL - if you're running a week behind - then I am running a couple of months behind! :-)

Those pesky up contacts! Nice runs!!!

achieve1dream said...

Wow I just realized I haven't seen a post from you in a looooong time!! Is everything okay?? I miss hearing about your Spotties!